Monday, September 11, 2006

The "War" Metaphor

For those of you interested in language and framing, George Lakoff as an interesting analysis of the "war" metaphor. But most important, I think Lakoff's article nails the true motives for America's "war on terror".

Here's the key paragraph:
"The right-wing strategy was to use the American military to achieve economic and strategic goals in the Middle East: to gain control of the second largest oil reserve in the world; to place military bases right in the heart of the Middle East for the sake of economic and political intimidation; to open up Middle East markets and economic opportunities for American corporations; and to place American culture and a controllable government in the heart of the Middle East. The justification was 9/11 -- to identify the Iraq invasion as part of the "War on Terror" and claim that it is necessary in order to protect America and spread democracy."

These reasons may actually support our national interests, but they are never offered by the administration in support of their wars. Instead, they only sell fear and pander to patriotism. Easier to convince the masses that way.


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